Off-grid systems

Popular in rural areas where the grid is less reliable or unavailable, our off-grid systems work best in conjunction with other renewable and nonrenewable energy sources. They use batteries to store solar power when it is collected and provide it when it is needed. 

Backup generators are a great way to provide extra reliability for your off-grid power supply. Remote monitoring and process power supplied by solar can cut utility and access road construction to a minimum.



Grid tied systems

Grid feeding systems are the most common form of solar in the industry. They offer the customer an inexpensive path to producing local power, with the security of grid connectivity at all times. This form of solar offers the client the ability to sell power back to the grid, while using the grid as their own battery storage. As utility rates go up, your savings will increase. 

Grid tied systems assist industry as they are able to reduce monthly overhead costs and monthly fees, increase LEED ratings, take advantage of federal tax incentives, and help manage carbon taxation. They are also the most desirable in the eyes of government programs.



Utility interactive

Utility interactive systems are both tied into the grid and backed up with batteries. They use smart charge controllers to switch between on- and off-grid modes, providing the ultimate combination of flexibility and reliability.

Popular in rural areas where power interruptions are more common, or for commercial applications where uninterrupted power is critical, a utility interactive system is a great option for anyone who can’t afford down time.



Lighting products

Modern LED lighting products use much less power than traditional incandescent bulbs, with long bulb life and comparable colour profiles.

Retrofitting with LED lights that adapt to standard bulb sockets can help you brighten up your spaces while using up to 75% less energy. It’s a fast and
easy way to cut costs and maximize the value and lasting power of your energy resources.

If you’re constructing a new project and want to start saving money from day one, GreenLight Power can help. We can procure energy-efficient lighting and install and commission a complete solution that will work for you. Our friendly installers will take care of everything from the design to the finishing touches.



The ultimate backup solution

If the power absolutely must stay on, gas generators and UPS (uninterrupted power supply) systems are a reliable way to meet your energy needs, even when the rest of the grid is down. 

GreenLight Power is proud to distribute and install top quality products, which can be configured to run on either natural gas, propane or diesel. UPS systems eliminate costly downtimes on critical loads by filtering grid connections. These solutions deliver yet another layer of protection and flexibility for your business or family.