Custom Solar Installations

Brighter Solutions


Why Go GreenLight?

At GreenLight Power we provide end to end solutions,  helping you reduce environmental impact and energy dependence while keeping costs down. 

We do it by designing and installing systems that can reliably provide your business or family with efficient solar energy collection and storage, LED lighting, or combustion generation.

We have been partners with Enmax since 2010. Enmax, being one of our preferred partners, allows us to offer our customers a greater variety of financing options.


About Us

GreenLight Power offers full EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) services, from design, procurement and engineering to project management and site management. Our industry-leading turnkey solutions include micro-generation and distributed generation projects, as well as backup power generation solutions. 

When it comes to industrial, commercial, and residential off-grid, grid-tie and hybrid systems, we have you covered. From leading solar products and a team of engineers to maintenance plans and scheduling matrices, we install and maintain complex systems, from design to commission. 

Our off-grid solar solutions are reliable, our grid feeding systems keep you connected, and our energy-saving lighting projects and generators keep you up and running, even if the grid is down.